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Did something unjust happen to you a long time ago that was so disturbing that it still feels like a knife in your gut when you think about it?

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I'm "tight" with my family, but It's just my mom and my sister. (My brother disappeared nearly 30 years ago and that's a whole nother story) Sadly, since I moved to FL. to be closer to my grandson, I only see them once or twice a year. I talk to mom weekly, and email back and forth with my sister, but it isn't the same as being there. 

My wife has a brother that screwed her over(LONG STORY!!!!) and she hasn't spoken to him in about 18 years. 

Sounds a little like Peyton Place.

Seems there is a plethora of dysfunctional families out there. I have a niece that thinks hers is the only one. (Course she thinks the sun revolves around her)

Bob, are you sure we aren't related?  That's what my sister is like.  We are very happy when she isn't around and I'm sure my parents are enjoying their rewards having tried their darnedest to understand her and support her during their lives.  

Maybe we were in a previous life and were brought back to deal with it again.

It's difficult to say the least to try to reason with a self centered person.

My family has its squabbles, but at least we like each other.




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