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I have found myself using somewhat quaint terms that I have heard all my life and have no explanation of what they really mean.
i.e: " My ass is grass".....I used this term tonight to refer that my cat, Ted, is out...on the loose and must be brought in before DD gets home and finds out....
Another one is "ass over tea kettle".   Yet another is "got my ass in a sling over that".
My mom used to refer to my oldest brother being "Pecks bad boy"  (I finally had to google that one)!
What are some terms that you have grown up with and it elicits a smile or a cocked eyebrow when you use it.

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Takes talent, you know.

Had to bring this back cause I used another one last night that my Yankee

Girl had never heard.....have ya'll ?

"Don't let your mouth overload your ass."

...define....I can't quite get a visual on this one...:-)

A good ole West Virginia saying: " their place is up the hollor further than you could stick a butcher knife".

Or, "Ain't laughed so hard since the hogs ate my little brother".


This may be a derivitive of that one....

...you ask where so and so went, and some one answers, "He went to shit and the hogs ate him."

Mediocrity is climbing a molehill without sweating.
There are two good people: one of them is dead, and the other one was not born (Estonia)

"There are two kinds of people ... people who don't and people who divide everyone into two groups" ...


G K Chesterton when making a point has been quoted many times by dividing folks into two groups, leaders and followers etc. ... Apparently he made the above quotation poking fun at himself ....

'splain that one...not sure I've heard that one before.




My wonderful mother would come up with sayings that baffled me for years...I hope to never run out of her "isms"


"Go bang your head against the wall....it'll feel so good when you stop"

My favorite "Jayleeism"..

"I've got everything I need in my purse plus some things I don't that may come in handy."




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