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As a kid, I'd often go caroling. I used to love the traditional hymns. It took me a few years to realize that the line in Silent Night was NOT:  "RUN you virgin mother and child!!"

Made sense to me.

Haha. Selective hearing.

Not me but my hubs: the song The Streak by Ray Stevens:

Welp, where Stevens says, "Boogity, boogity" (and I guess due to the fact that he prounounced it more "BoogitAY, boogitAY"), hubs for years thought he was saying "Look at dat, look at dat." Which sorta makes sense considering the subject matter of the song.

I thought he said looky dat

You know what, maybe he was saying all 3; maybe the guy could speak in multiple voices at once like Tibetan monks and those possessed by the devil; strangeness is all around us, they say.

Oh, OR...strangeness is all around us! ツ

I thought "look at dat" too. Makes more sense than "boogity, boogity."

This isn't a song lyric but...

As a kid, a Baptist guy friend of mine thought that when Catholics said the Hail Mary, instead of saying, "blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus," they were saying, "blessed is the Fruit of the Loom Jesus."

So I'm guessing the guy wasn't a Hanes man? XD

Image result for fruit of the loom--tighty whities as a kid, I think.  HAHAHA, I hope to God not now.

Barbara, a close African-American friend, thought that Andre 3000 sang "shake it like a horny white preacher."  When I pointed out that he was really singing "shake it like a Polaroid picture," she said, "Damn. How come you understand Black people better than I do?!"  I answered, "more experience." Haha!




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