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Anyone planning a party for December 20th?

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The Mayan calendar didn't account for leap year, so the the world should have ended 7 months a go. 

Note to self:  Be sure to wear clean underwear that day.

I bought extra bullets.

I think the world did end 7 months ago, but as usual, they forgot to tell me.

Rejoice!  You must've been Raptured?

Wait, that means I was raptured too.  That can't be right.

i thought i was raptured too but the doctor says it was just a slight strain..

Set my clock and see what happens.....:-)

Oh, gosh!  I've still got to get the carpets cleaned!

I gotta get a haircut, have my teeth cleaned, and dust the top of the TV.

Make sure my last check bounces.....:-)




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