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  When I was small, I was raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school, said my nightly prayers, the whole shebang. The funny part of it is that I actually thought my soul was a physical part of my body. Like a heart or a lung. I imagined it to be like a hollow tube that curved slightly throughout my torso with a light yellow tinge. I thought it might be tainted light yellow because of my sins and I tried very hard not to sin. The question here is, did you have any funny unusual beliefs during your childhood. They don't have to be religious in nature, just something you believed to be true for a long long time. Tell us,.

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A creature that didn't poop would have probably scared me too michael. Heck, might have scared the crap outta me. 

@Teebs ^^^^

Some chose to continue on in the 'pretend'...some are truly genuine and continue to be so.  Maybe not to our expectation though.

Just so you know....I'm me and never pretend to be other than what you've seen here for the past 4yrs.  I'm not that clever or pretentious.  :-)

I like you just the way you are Jaylee!

Me too!

Yeah.....she's a pretty cool lady alright......:=)

I had so many silly beliefs it all seems like a crazy quilt now. I believed in Santa Claus so deeply that he was, in my heart, god. As gods go, he wasn't a cheap trick. He gave me my transistor radio when I was 10, and that radio brought me a new, inner world of rock and roll. And it's also where I learned, once and for all, that there was no Santa Claus. Oh well.

The one I still think about is the one that when I grew up I could do anything I wanted.

I never really bought into Santa or the toothfairy, but I did believe in the Easter Bunny and I did believe in Leprechauns.  I thought they worked together when it came to the whole Easter thing.  I also knew that the Easter bunny was Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit after he grew up.  That was just common sense.

My silly belief as child is religious in nature.  In church I would hear phrases like "Jesus is preparing a place for us in heaven".  I pictured Jesus in a morgue, opening the little door where our refrigerated bodies would be kept on a slab, just like they do on NCIS. 

ugh. That's an awful one D.D.

High five D.D. And how about that visual of all the dead coming out of the ground on frickin judgement day!? There's one you can curl up with in your little bed at night. Oh fooey!

I always got grossed out on "washed in the blood of the Lamb".

These pastoral blood sacrifice metaphors just don't speak to most city kids.

When I was a kid I believed I'd go to jail if I took that little tag off my pillow. 




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