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  When I was small, I was raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school, said my nightly prayers, the whole shebang. The funny part of it is that I actually thought my soul was a physical part of my body. Like a heart or a lung. I imagined it to be like a hollow tube that curved slightly throughout my torso with a light yellow tinge. I thought it might be tainted light yellow because of my sins and I tried very hard not to sin. The question here is, did you have any funny unusual beliefs during your childhood. They don't have to be religious in nature, just something you believed to be true for a long long time. Tell us,.

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My Uncle lived about an hour outside of the city. When we would visit him, our drive took us past a motel. The motel was painted yellow and blue and there were palm trees (fake) surrounding the swimming pool.
I thought it was Florida...

that's a good one quinn. It made me think of another. When eisenheour (spelling?) was president he came to our town in a parade and the schools took bus loads of kids to see him. I saw a man waving to the crowd and riding a motorcycle. I thought it was the president and he was so cool. Obviously just a motorcycle cop leading the way. I never did notice the limo.

When I was a small child, my part of the world was pretty "white bread".  I was the third generation removed from Scandinavia and all of my relatives were white, all of neighbors were white, I didn't know any Asian or Black people at all.  It turned out that one of my uncles was half Native American, but I didn't know that and it wasn't discussed.  I know that when my cousin was a baby, I commented on how dark his eyes were.  I said that they were black and was severely corrected by my aunt that they were brown.

Anyway, that was my environment as a small child.  I don't know how old I was when I first saw people of different races out on the street with their pets, but I recall wondering whether a dog or cat or bird realized that their humans were different from other humans in that way.  

In the public pool where I learned to swim there was a big light in the deep end.  I used to believe that mermaids lived on the other side of it and that they could see me if I went under the water and looked at it.  One day for some reason, I decided that if they saw me, they might want to come through there and that scared me so I never swam in the deep end of the pool again.  I was old enough to know better, but the idea just creeped me out.

When I was very small, I had a mild fear that if I swallowed an apple seed that it would take root, and I would be walking around with my head tilted back and an apple sapling growing straight up out of my mouth. When I told other people of my fear, no one my age would dismiss the idea as being silly or childish - They too all wondered if it were possible.

Eventually, realizing that it was a silly idea, and that I had come to that realization all on my own, was a big moment for me. In that it taught me the fundamental importance of not simply believing something, just because it had taken root in my imagination or because my peers accepted it, and instead making the effort to actually think your way through something.

I wish I'd learned that.

When I was of grade school age I used to wonder what happened that took food so long to transition from the intake to the output. The only thing that I could visulize was a series of steps, where the food oozed over each one in very slow motion until about 8 hours later it came out the lower end. Now that I think about it, I had lots of bogus theories about how the human body worked.

Oh my...I hope you have figured most of them out by now...:-)

I silly believed that friendships built on TBD would endure. Yes, many have had, but sadly many have not.

I still believe that the original tbd was one of the great leaps forward by mankind.

The original truly changed my life Robbie.

ok, here's one that'll show you how backwoods I grew up. I didnt know that girls pooped until I was about 13 years old. It shocked me! I always thought girls were some kind of special being that always smelled good, looked good, and had boobs. That's about all I knew and I was to scared to talk to them.




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