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What do you think you were doing at 3:57 last Thursday afternoon?

I was back at work after a day off.  It was after lunch so I was probably on the computer.  Somebody had brought some cupcakes that were leftover from their fourth of July celebration.  I had probably eaten all the icing off of mine by then and had washed my hands for about the twelfth time.

A couple of people stopped by my office, but I can't really pinpoint if they were there at that time.  Knowing me, I was probably watching the clock.

Can you remember what you might have been doing?

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Well......I'm not sure. My memory is not as good as it once was, but whatever it was I think a jar of mayonnaise, a copy of "the Old Farmer's Almanac" and bolt cutters were involved.

Yes, a commercial appraisal.

I was probably on Facebook or TBD, but don't remember for sure.

If you had asked me @3:58 I would have a better answer...:-)

Better than what?.......

I was probably taking a nap. Resting up from not doing anything on the 4th.

Homework. That's all I ever do in the afternoons. such is life, eh?

Homework?  Are you in school?  Or do you mean 'work' that you do around the 'home'?




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