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OK, I can see eating 'em if someone gives you a few for free, but I just can't see spending good money for 'em.  So what's your take?  Am I just being a typical guy, or what?

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nope, I'm the same as you, Stir. But I am not passionate about fruit. Dairy. Now that's a different story.
My sis-in-law bought some and left them at my mother's house. Through the trickle-down theory, I was gifted a few.
You like yogurt? Cut up and mixed in yogurt-- yum. Or mashed up and spread on toast.
Thanks LB, those are a couple of good ideas.
Why, neighbor, that sounds plum good!!!
I know, but I couldn't resist.
Roast pork with Plum sauce - Trust me on this. Hot Damn.
For me, it all depends on the plum. I can sit and eat greengages or Italian prunes all day, and I even loved them when my grandma canned them. Mirabelles aren't bad; I freeze them when people hand me sacks of them, and bake them in a crumble in the winter. But the red ones with the clingy seeds make good compost. Or maybe sauce, nice idea, Snagg; you could cook it up and freeze it for cold-weather roasts. Fortunately I don't know anyone who grows them.

Try the crumble, Stir; it improves a lot of fruits.
Well, I only have four left now...I'll probably just choke them down and stop grumbling soon enough.
Don't choke and grumble at the same time.......bad combination.
I don't get lots of things, but plums isn't one of them.
They are delish!
As is or in a tart or a plum upside down cake or pork tenderloin with balsamic plum reduction...




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