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I just saw pictures from the launch (?) of a 45 foot paper airplane by the Pima Air and Space Museum (built with the aid of a 12 year old boy, of course).

It flew for six seconds, which seems to me to be about the amount of time it would take a paper airplane to 'fall' from a height of the 4,000 feet that it was released at.

My uncle used to make cool paper airplanes of all different kinds.  Did you know someone who could do something like that?  Astound you as a kid with an interesting talent? 

My father also had a friend who could pull a nickel out of my ear.

I never got tired of that one.



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I think this one flew for more than 6 seconds, and saved about a tree and a half from being turned into paper.

that was nice!

Wow.  Someone cut down a forest so I can start folding.

I had a whole folder dedicated to paper airplanes so I just started pasting! Some of those are fairly involved.

When I was a kid I used to make wings for myself because I knew I could fly if I got them just right. Made them out of newspapers glued to thin strips of wood and sometimes glued to dried fern stalks. I used to leap from the garage roof or the barn roof. My family thought I was crazy but they never tried to stop me. After about 2 years of leaping and many owies later, I gave up on the project and discovered that girls were more fun.

I was sure it could be done, but my wings were an umbrella.

There is an origami (Japanese paper-folding) website that has an excellent paper plane model that is relatively easy to make and is a good flier too.

Thomas do you have a link for that.  That sounds pretty interesting.  I can make a paper cup.

In school we used to make those little paper fortune teller thingies.  I could probably still make one, but I doubt that skill would even impress children these days.

Hello Faye, I just typed in the key word - origami - into my search engine (Google on this occassion) and followed the link.  Sources for origami models are many and I hope that you enjoy pursuing this hobby, it`s a whole lot of fun.  The magician Robert harbin was using origami in a hospital in Australia and a young boy who had been traumatised by an accident wand wasn`t talking, called the nurse over and asked about a model he was making putting him on the road to recovery.  So origami isn`t only fun - it`s good for you too. LOL!




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