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   Can each of you think of just one small thing

you can do for the people in your neighborhood?

It might be something as small as putting your

extra quarter in the gumball machine and leaving

the candy for the next little kid who checks. Or ?

     I'm looking for ideas.

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In my case staying out of sight seems to help property values.
I don't stay as out of sight as I could, but at least I continue to wear clothing.
I finally quit peeing in the yard. Now I don't make as many friends in the police dept. as I used to.
Organize a “night out” once a month.
I think the best thing a neighborhood can do for its self is to get to know one another. Encourage your neighbors to come outside, sit on their porch or stoop; get up and visit with other neighbors.
As the organizer provide a little refreshment on your porch.
Oh, good one Quinn! I live in a neighborhood with 3 small apartment buildings too. And there is a vacant but manicured lot right between them. Maybe we could have a giant potluck! I like this a lot!
That sounds like a perfect space!
Hey Quinn, and you too B A F, the barbque went great. Served lots of hamburgers and hot dogs and people just layed around on the grass talking and making new friends. Now I'm thinking of closing off the block like you did B A F and hiring mariachis. Have to do it soon though cause the rains come early in washington state. Anyway, thanks you guys for the idea.
Sometimes when I walk dogs, I take along an extra bag and pick up soda cans and stuff.
One of my neighbors shares extra produce from their garden by setting it on the curb.

I set my broken bikes and junk on the curb and the neighborhood kids take it. They love to tear things up.
Ubu, I've asked this of a couple of residents, but they won't budge. They're not even trying to help. Somebody oughta do something about them.
I could probably give you some pointers...




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