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I've been a purging mode today.  Cleaned out some clothes I will never wear again...old or falling in the category of "What was I thinking?".  Next thing to get a going through was the following....
Baskets and bags of yarn and tools and ideas left to sit for years.   The Afgan book is from the early 70's...it cost 75cents.  I don't think I've used it yet..
The embroidery bag contains everything I need to make a cross stitched birth sampler for my son.  It has part of his name on it and his weight....He is now 23.
What projects do you have sitting and waiting....and waiting..and waiting.

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I have alot of leather cowhides and leather craft tools waiting for me to make some handtooled belts someday.
I have several needlework kits that haven't been completed yet, but can't bring myself to throw them away. Also have been working on a knitted afghan for 20+ years, off and on.
I don't feel so bad about mine then...it's only about 3 years in the making :-)
Projects waiting for me ?........books. The day I dump my current place and settle into something smaller (which I hope is soon), I plan on reading ......and reading some more. Just too much to keep me busy at the moment......work, big yard etc. etc. Toying with the idea of putting my place up for sale in a week or so just to see if I get a bite. This much is certain......next place is my last place. Time to relax and enjoy some leisure :)
Reading books is way more fun than tending to a yard :-D
I've definitely come to that conclusion myself. If no changes are made this year, it'll be next spring for sure. I've had enough of the "nice yard" crap for one lifetime :)
I had a patio put in last year---12X12 and let the rest of the yard [it isn't very big] be taken over by ivy. The boy down the street keeps the ivy in check for $10 a month. So glad I did it...

How's your housing market there? Ours isn't so good, trying to sell a house is nightmarish. On the plus side, buying one is a dream.
I'm with you guys! As my guy & I are moving toward our first, rather temporary, digs together, we're already looking at what we'll want 2-3 years out that could be long term (we've both relocated several times in our lives, so neither of us look at a move as necessarily long term).
We've both owned a number of houses in our lives & had big yards again & again. Why was it again that we wanted big yards? I have no idea, but we're both over it, completely. I'm w/you, Quinn; I'd love to be lawn free, or at least nearly lawn & yard-maintenance free.
A friend of mine has a lovely, small 1920's bungalow in-town. Only 1200 sq ft, but laid out quite well. It's my ideal home at this stage. The front yard has a postage-stamp sized lawn that can be mowed in 5 minutes. She had the back hardscaped last year, & like you Quinn, there's no lawn at all. It's perfect! I love it. She's toying w/a business partnership in Clearwater, FL which could move her there. I'm instantly fantasizing, "Oh, my god, RENT us your house!!" '-)
That's EXACTLY what I'm talking about d ! I hope you guys get it :) I too liked Quinn's idea of an ivy backyard......that works for me :)
Many homes are still selling around here. But I'm thinking that our downturn is coming too. What makes it a bit easier for us is that our prices are very attractive in comparison to the bigger cities. My place situated anywhere near Toronto for example would sell well in excess of a million dollars. If I was offered in the $260, 000.00 dollar range, I'd let it go. I can find a nice, modest home in this area in the $150,000.00 price range........same goes for a condo. I just want a smaller area to upkeep. Currently have a half an acre yard with a lot of landscaping. It's nice but what does one do with it ? Look at it once in a while ? A bite-sized backyard with enough room for a patio set and BBQ......maybe a few bushes and flowers would do me just fine. I've got a buddy in Michigan that has been trying to sell his place for over two years. Keeps dropping his price and still no takers. Don't want to find myself in that same position. Just typing this made me realize what I need to do :)
Am I your buddy w/the place in Michigan? :-( It's tragic. I can't even go into here.
Are you in that situation as well d ? He's near Pontiac. Poor guy's not going to get anywhere near what he's got into it......and it's a very nice home. That's gotta suck :(




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