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Coffee has gone up $2.00 a bag over here.  The thought of not being able to afford my favorite vice anymore is making me a little cranky.  And I'm sure the crankiness will increase as my level of caffeination decreases.  

Are the rising prices making you rethink any of your buying practices yet?

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I will never give up my coffee. I bought a case of Kona coffee last time I was in a commissary. Still working on it. And saving money for when I run out and have to hit the commissary again.
Coffee is the goodness of life.
I am lucky my coffee at the office is still 5 dollars a month.  But beer prices have got me down to just drinking beer on weekends.  I have been brewing my own green tea instead of cans.  Kolache prices have been holding steady.
The prune or the cherry?
prune kolaches are starting a movement
Coffee---I have a couple cups when I first wake up. I drink what they have on sale at Costco. I am not a big fan. I can take it or leave it most days. When I have to work all night, that is when I really hit the stuff at the office. There is no price for coffee there. Everything is free.
I wouldn't say liking coffee is an addiction - more like a means to fuel your addiction...such as to stay awake all night staring at your computer monitor.
Good point.  This may be a good thing, then.




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