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Coffee has gone up $2.00 a bag over here.  The thought of not being able to afford my favorite vice anymore is making me a little cranky.  And I'm sure the crankiness will increase as my level of caffeination decreases.  

Are the rising prices making you rethink any of your buying practices yet?

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hey! who are you calling a spendthrift, you little.... little.... spendthrift calling person?!?!

first - what coffee do you buy for $8/bag AND smarty breeches - is your "bag" a lb, or less than a lb?

If it's less than 12 oz. MY coffee is a better value. 

second - good going on the Aldi; I'll have to check that out.

I buy a pound of Caribou coffee for $7.89.

And definitely check out Aldi. I was hesitant at first, but now am glad I tried.

Okay, I'll try Caribou. I don't like their coffee in their shops, it's not strong enough for me.

But I buy Starbucks coffee to make at home & I don't like their coffee in their shops, either-

I refer to it as "Starburnt". Their espresso roast, made as coffee in a french press is delicious at my house, however. '-)

I think it's how they prepare it because when I brew my Starbucks coffee it doesn't have that burnt flavor to it.
You freeze your coffee???   :O
nope. Actually, freezing it will strip the beans of some of their oil, making it less flavorsome. That's an old and inaccurate practice. Sealed airtight in a container that doesn't allow light in, stored at room temperature is the way to go.
Is the meat really good from Aldi's?  A new one just opened near me.....haven't been there yet.

The selection of steak is never very good so I've never had that, but the chicken is good and the pork chops are delish!

I'm getting tired of chicken already.  I LOVE a nice, juicy, tender, steak.
Buying craft supplies..I love to shop at Joanns & Michaels, but  am thinking more & more of using good stuff  I find on the sides of the road. I got a big surprise when I saw old yellow newspaper sticking out on a container by the side of the road for pick-up..Had my friend back up because I figured  old newpaper would come in handy for a craft project. I got out of the car & there was something packed inside of the paper which was dated 2001....It was colored glass textured louvers in 3 different colors.....I could make some really pretty wind-chimes maybe.
I love those kinds of finds.  One person's trash being someone else's treasure and all that :-)

Cutting down on music outings... not trying hard enough though (just bought tickets for 4 concerts)... At least I don't have to drive and park at most of those events.


As for cutting coffee out? Just can't... something else will have to give...




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