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Coffee has gone up $2.00 a bag over here.  The thought of not being able to afford my favorite vice anymore is making me a little cranky.  And I'm sure the crankiness will increase as my level of caffeination decreases.  

Are the rising prices making you rethink any of your buying practices yet?

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Dang...4 concerts..You lucky girl....OOPs...You are a girl, right?
oops is right.....
To paraphrase Kooner... I'm mostly man ;)
Cutting it out, no.  Cutting down, I think so :-((
I stopped eating out as a means to lose weight and save money, and I find that I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.  It makes those evenings that I do eat something to look forward to, and it is more enjoyable.

Oh yes, you will find lots of typos in my writing and poor spelling and grammar. 


Is that like prosciutto?

I don't care for my morning coffee at home no matter what I buy....I love my first cup at work for some odd reason.
I never cared for the office coffee unless I brewed it myself.  They never seem to put enough grounds in those packets, so I always put in some extra.
...yeah, I always use TWO packets & LESS water!
As a long time single guy, I've found that I've needed to redouble my efforts in sleezing meals.  I now must be twice as charming.
Well, that probably ain't too much of a stretch. (:>)




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