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Unless I can change my birth year this means diddly to me.

Do you read your horoscope? 

Do you make any conscience decisions about your daily life because of it?

I know that in many business transactions in Asia they will have your chart done before deciding to sign you on.


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I'd probably better stay out of Asia then.
Now, I've been pondering.   Are all my past horoscopes a moot point?
Yup.....you get to start all over. :=)

Do I base anything on a Horoscope? No.

Don't read it nor believe in it.

Good thing I don't go to Asia.  I pay more attention to the farmer's almanac and the farm report.
I just read my "new" sign.
I have to be nice now? Dammit!
Naaawwww......we've earned the right to be snarky any time we damn well please....:=)

O thank God!



You learn to avoid them when Weird Al has been the only one correct in your readings......




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