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It's said we learn something every day.

The day's not over yet...I'm still waiting....

What did you learn today?   What made you go  "Wow!"  or "WTH" ?


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They all had chopped off shoulders.

Yes, Dingo got my camera.

Karoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese.

Like bumblebees, ducks cannot fly.

They are, however, TREMENDOUS jumpers.

*off to google that one...:-)*

I learned tonight that even eating can make me sweat.....:->

A friend of mine sent these facts about Ben Franklin.

did you know he lvoed to swim?


Do not leave car window cracked even if you're not sure it's going to rain.

Wasn't much going on today, huh??

My son keeps a couple of hives, so I did some googling.

I learned that the same piece of package sealing tape will only hold the freezer door shut for about 8 weeks before it gets too unsticky to work.

I've nothing to add to that today, but I'm sure I'll forget what I learned yesterday and will be able to post it again tomorrow.




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