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Since it's travel time for many of us this summer, how many of you have that contraption called a GPS?  

Is it a pain in the a&& or wonderful?

What would you like to NOT hear from her?

I prefer a real fold out map....or map quest is good too.    Even though I hardly ever leave a 10 mile radius of my home.

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"Please turn on your headlights...It's midnight moron."

"Do you think this is a 4 wheel drive honey"?

I said, "Turn right, not left. Dumb ass!"


1 X 1 Equals 1

2 x 2 Equals 4

3 x 3 Equals 9

I prefer to just let the Dingo drive, she knows where everything is.

I have a new GPS. "Proceed to the highlighted route" has replaced "Recalculating"

"It's my lunch break, You're on your own for the next hour."

"Brace your arms against the steering wheel, close your eyes and hit the brakes."

"Are you completely stupid"?

"Recalculating is no longer an option."

If I lived where it was flat with no large bodies of water, I might need a GPS, but around here, the horizon pretty much limits me.  Gray days sometimes create problems when I can't tell where the sun is, though.

I heard once that someone's GPS led them right into Lake Washington where a street ended.  "Ooops!"




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