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A thread to ask whatever we're wondering about. 

I know we can do this individually in Q&A, but this thread can be akin

to Random Thoughts in Games, only queries.

Feel free to include the answer to your question, or not.


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I like Honey Crisp apples.

Ya think maybe Tim Tebow learned Saturday that God's real name is Tom Brady?


My comment after the first quarter was, "Tim Tebow, meet God."

What a game!

Oh well, I'm tired of the computer wars. think I'll go to bed.

A few minutes ago the 'weather girl' on the noon news said the next storm system coming in tomorrow would bring us some 'decent snow.' Okay, I'm new to this area, but what the Hell is "decent'" snow???

It means you need to go out immediately, and buy a snow blower.

Screw the snowblower...buy more alcohol, the snow will melt in the spring.

In light of your message, I will share a joke with you. 

Have you heard about Frosty the Snowman? 


He dropped his pants. He heard the snowblower was coming?

Ok. You can all groan now.

Good one Rita!

Here's my question to you...
Why do intelligent, funny, gifted, talkative, outgoing and cute women go for the dregs of the barrel? I am just sad for the crap my BFF is choosing to tolerate.

...because some of us don't believe we are as good as we are. It's complicated. I know because I've been seeing a counselor to try to figure it out. 

Don't judge. Just be there for her when she finally wakes up.

Oh you can be sure I am not judging her Rita. My shoulders are getting a little tired of supporting and holding her up and I hope she wakes up before it is too late.




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