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Is it ok for men to buy all the pink ribbon stuff.  Tonight I bought pink oats and pink tator chips.  I do draw the line at underwear, no pink underwear for me.

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Ahh, but would the girls on the farm approve?
All my socks are white.
They are too busy driving Aggie's pink tractor!
Absolutely not!
Would your horse like pink oats?
Let the men get their own causes --

Green. Green oats. Green for money, money, money.....
I hope Oreos don't turn pink. At least not the cookie parts.

Sometimes my white socks turn pink in the laundry.
What were they doing in there to make them blush?
My kids did that to my underwear in washing machine once. The pink ones got retired.
I did that to George's once, too, when we were newlyweds. He did the same thing you did.
If somebody you are close to is battling breast cancer, I say buying the pink ribbon stuff is not only appropriate but recommended!
I agree!




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