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     The other day while writing an essay for psych class, I thought I had dropped my lit cigarette on the couch and frantically searched to avoid a smoldering fire. After 3 or 4 minutes of removing cushions and lifting to look underneath, I found it. Dangling from my lips!

      Have you ever done this type of thing? Searching for your glasses only to find them perched atop  your head? Going into the kitchen and then not knowing what you came for? Or is it just me?

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Yep, and it seems to happen with more frequency.  I'm kinda glad I quit smoking...I'd have probably burned my house down by now.
I've done it all including walking into a room and attempting to turn the light on then realizing it was already on.
Yeah..I absentmindedly put freezer stuff in the fridge & looked for a hat when it was already on my head...those are not the first & will not be the last.

Oh yeah, lol...  I've done the glasses thing and gone to the kitchen, whatever, and couldn't remember what I went there for. 


However my favorite story is about myr wife's ex's sister's husband (ex-husband now:0) who stopped for gas with his very pregnant wife in the back of the van.  She got out to go to the restroom, he filled up the van then took off.  He drove ~30 miles before he realized he forgot his wife.  Now, that's preoccupation...

rotfl LLL! "-D

Just you?



Keys that are already in my hand.

Sunglasses that are on top of my head.

And, the going into a room thing? ALL THE TIME!


[nice to see you Michael :-)]



Thanks Quinn.




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