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If your nose was running money, would you blow it all on me?

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You are too funny, Randy! BTW, I do have a cold and a runny nose right now but no money coming out of it.

Have a bowl of chicken soup and an Aggie hug!


Thanks, sweetie. I will definitely do the chicken soup. The hug will have to be a long distance one. I wouldn't want you to catch the cold anyway.

That was tooooo funny Aggie!!!

This brings to mind the song line, "if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me".  Darn it, now I can't recall who sang it.  Was it The Bellemy Brothers?  I'm too lazy to Google it.

Have you ever sung to anyone? Did she punch you in the nose afterward?  LOL

No, but I once got slapped in the face by a girl named Linda when I sang her a few lines of the song "Lyin' here with Linda on my Mind".  LOL!






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