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I was looking through some old questions that have been asked around this site and there are several about money.  Some ask what you would do if you suddenly had a million bucks or several thousand bucks?

What if I gave you ten bucks?  Where would it go?  Would you spend it today?

If someone gave me ten bucks it would go straight in my purse and probably end up at the Einstein Bagel place near where I work.  I usually use a credit card, but sometimes I just want something like a cup of coffee.  Whatever I didn't spend there would probably end up in various tip jars around the area.

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I would put it in the bank so that in 10 years I would have $10.25.

I'd blow it on wine, women and song. Should last about 3 minutes.

That's some cheap women you're hanging with red.

Thunderbird Wine and an ugly woman. The song should have been Innagadadivida though, album cut. Would of lasted close to 18 minutes. 

Just keep farming till it was gone.




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