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Let me start out with a disclaimer. I am not trying to creat any turmoil. In fact, just the opposite. I think that many of us would like a site map and to know who decides how the site is structured.


Since the latest change to the structure of tbd, I am somewhat confused as to how we are organized.


The tabs have been reorganized and are now, I think, much more user friendly. The tabs seem pretty self explanatory. However, the next level down starts to get a little confusing to me.


The first tab on the Right is labeled FAQ/Help. However there does not seem to be a FAQ area under the tab. There is a members help area that has some questions and some answers but they seem somewhat out dated.  Then there are the names of four moderators. When you click on the moderators names it takes you to their page. I think. The information there ranges from; very informative to nothing. I thought that I had read somewhere that there are 5 moderators. Is that incorrect?

When I go to the Welcoming Lounge. I find that it is a group and it susposedly has moderators. There are 4 names there. Is this still a valid list?


Robin seems to not want to be involved in any of the administrative stuff and that is very understandable to me.


I like to be exposed to minimum authority. But, unfortunately we are dealing with humans and humans seem to need at least a minimum of structure in anything they undertake.


So should we have a "TOWNHALL" type meeting?


Should the current moderators ask for additional moderators to volunteer? 


Does Robin want to be involved?


Where do we go from here? And what path do we take? Who is active in the groups that we never see in Forum, The Welcome Lounge, or Q & A?

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J. Lee thanks for the post. I think we need to find something to attract more people to the Welcome Lounge. that actually is where newcomers should be able to get there feet wet. I remember on tbd 1 I used to go there frequently to find out who was new and when the other threads slowed down you could often find something new there.. I'm glad cat is still active there sometimes. I know she is out the door to work before I even think about getting up in the mornings. I was never that much a part of DG, used to do a drive by hit once in a while. And that group was the best for meet ups. I'm still hoping for one in the pittsburg area this summer.
The original Welcome Lounge on TBD1 was everything to me when I first started. Mikayla and Queenie among some other folks were so kind and helpful to me. I was a bit shy at first and ...well we see how that turned out. ;-) Cat and Dazz are enthusiastic with fresh ideas and I will take the risk to speak for us and say that we welcome and wholeheartedly encourage any input from the community. That is how the second iteration of The Welcome Lounge came about in the first place.
I'm liking what I am seeing here Robbie, a nice positive flow of ideas and input. Excellent idea!
J Lee S & I just introduced a "Introductions please" discussion which is now a permanent feature in The Welcome Lounge. Please feel free everyone to welcome members as they introduce themselves.
Just checked out the "Introductions Please" discussion. Great Job DZ and J Lee.
WOW! Thanks Robbie. Great stuff here. I'm so excited to get this all going again. Jack and I have both posted our badges to Facebook. I've got lots of friends on Facebook that probably have no idea about TBD.

So many good ideas here. Count me in on anything I can help with, please.

The Welcome Lounge is THE place for people to start, and any suggestions to make it better are taken seriously!

Robbie, if you do come to Pittsburgh, Copper and I would love to have you and Happy visit!
This is actually the picture of the badge that I'd like to put on FB. I could then write my own description and ideas of TBD.

Visit TBD
Can we use this logo and modify it? By modify, I mean add our own wording?

Yes, I don't think we are considering changing that at all. It's just the catchy 'hook' that we need. When we've decided what we want, it can be modified for everyone to use. I don't know that we can do it individually, or even want to.
I do think someone needs to check with Robin. I think there may be some legal restrictions on the logo. I would but I have to fill out a buch of forms for the Texas Park system. i'll be back.
I really don't think anyone had considered changing the logo. Honest.
I like the Logo.... just get rid of the 'sorry' stuff....
I'm working on a motto submission......Ummmmmm....get back to ya on that.....




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