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Let me start out with a disclaimer. I am not trying to creat any turmoil. In fact, just the opposite. I think that many of us would like a site map and to know who decides how the site is structured.


Since the latest change to the structure of tbd, I am somewhat confused as to how we are organized.


The tabs have been reorganized and are now, I think, much more user friendly. The tabs seem pretty self explanatory. However, the next level down starts to get a little confusing to me.


The first tab on the Right is labeled FAQ/Help. However there does not seem to be a FAQ area under the tab. There is a members help area that has some questions and some answers but they seem somewhat out dated.  Then there are the names of four moderators. When you click on the moderators names it takes you to their page. I think. The information there ranges from; very informative to nothing. I thought that I had read somewhere that there are 5 moderators. Is that incorrect?

When I go to the Welcoming Lounge. I find that it is a group and it susposedly has moderators. There are 4 names there. Is this still a valid list?


Robin seems to not want to be involved in any of the administrative stuff and that is very understandable to me.


I like to be exposed to minimum authority. But, unfortunately we are dealing with humans and humans seem to need at least a minimum of structure in anything they undertake.


So should we have a "TOWNHALL" type meeting?


Should the current moderators ask for additional moderators to volunteer? 


Does Robin want to be involved?


Where do we go from here? And what path do we take? Who is active in the groups that we never see in Forum, The Welcome Lounge, or Q & A?

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New motto contest was great good fun and can be so again.
Great idea, Chez! I nominate you to facilitate a NEW MOTTO CONTEST. Do I hear a second?
I second the nomination. Do we have a third?
I give the nomination a Third.
I noticed that people have stated they never look at the main page. If I may (and since it's easy to change) I'd like to suggest that instead of the rather old fashioned and staid "featured members" and "featured groups" the groups be shown as latest activity, in other words - the groups seeing the most activity round the clock rotate accordingly. This allows one at a glance to see where the action is at any given moment, rather than having to make three or four clicks to determine the most active group. People get in a rut here and this may encourage people back to the main page to see what's going on.

And as far as featuring members, that's nice, but it does not allow us to see at a glance who the new members are so that we can welcome them with an appropriate welcome badge that perhaps some tech savvy person could create so that those of us in the welcome lounge could use it to direct members and welcome them. All I see is the same faces being rotated, and new people need to be included as they join imo.
DZGD, I agree that the current "Featured Members" and "Featured Groups" have no meaning since there is no where that I know of that explains why they are featured. However, I think the featuring Groups as most active could be kind of self distructive for the overall site. Here is my reasoning. They are already the most active. They don't need to be featured to get needed attention. And you can find the most active groups in one or two clicks by going to Groups and setting your display to "Most Active". So, which ones do you feature? I don't have the answer to that. but think it could be "Newest" "Currently in the news" or some other category.
As far as "featured members" I'm in agreement with you that there should be some criteria for being featured. Maybe most prolific poster. Started most discussions, Most attractive. Newest member. Oldest member. There are so many possibilities. I don't really think it is a big deal but I think I remember on TBDv1 It was done at set periods. I remember looking to see for some reason. But now I never look.
Another suggestion if I may. It's often instructive - viewing other Ning sites. The following link it to the "over 40" Canadian Ning site called "Zoomers (Boomers with zip = Zoomers). Founded by the CEO of CARP (the equiv. of the USA Assoc. AARP) Moses Znaimer, it too is a site for people like us. Have a look around. In order to join (and several of our members here on TBD are members there too) one must fill out a small "application" .


Perhaps there is something there in the manner that it is formatted that might appeal to us here. I certainly appreciate the larger letters - the font size on this site could be a tiny bit bigger - but then again, I'm now blind to read without me glasses.
Rouge and lipstick....setting an inviting stage....that's what sells.
The main page here is rather anemic....redesign...add a little pizzazz. What newcomers will find here IS a small but welcoming group of diverse personalities. If it's not their cup of tea then there are plenty of other sites on the net that will meet their needs. I think most already know that.
What is needed here is a reason to stay....put your feet up, hang around. That's what I did back in early '08. There was no welcome wagon or basket of goodies on my doorstep...just intrigue on my part...What is TBD all about? I really wanted to know.
As far as moderators go...sure, it's an unpaid position..volunteer...but ..should there be some sort of community decision, say an elected board to set people in that position. People that are fair and straightforward..no hidden agenda. Not that I've had any personal experience with needing to be "moderated" but I have seen/read the results of it in the past..for better and worse.
I agree about the "sorry" post on the front page...Jeez...how self destructing is that preface?
See, I got Jay Lee to come out in the open. That is one of her longest ever posts. BTW I agree JL
Hey....I'm not that invisible...:-) I just decided to pipe up and hit "send". I am passionate about TBD....maybe because it was my cherry for the internet....it was a great one if I don't mind saying. I have no interest in traveling abroad for richer treasure....I'm content here...safe...familiar. I can flit about all over the universe if I want...I don't want or really feel the need to do that. Why spread myself in 10 different ways and dilute what I have to offer or be complete in a smaller zone..(no, I'm not on an ego trip with that remark).
As long as one or ten people keep the doors open that is all the richer....we share the same time/space continuoum (sp)....We are a real community here...a rich slice of life.....so there.
hear, hear, Jaylee.
As far as I know Robbie the moderators for the Welcome Lounge are still very valid. I got a PM from Cat just a couple of days ago about an update she did and I am in pretty good communication with Dazz at least once a week, either here or a couple of other places. The Welcome Lounge was created by quite a few minds so my "Creator" moniker is only because I started a ball rolling. The moderators that are there are people that I asked and knew would be available and Welcoming to new members. I have no idea why I am a moderator! J/K. I do. I'm a behind the scenes kind of guy, and I choose to remain impartial on most things...most, not all. Considering how infrequently people probably THINK I am here, my input is easily glossed over anyway.So that allows me to do a whole lot of lurking, watching, learning, listening. As Dazz said, any input is absolutely welcome, just contact one of the Mods or me.




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