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   I'm still in love with a girl I haven't seen or spoken to in nearly 15 years.

I was just wondering; Is this a common experience? Are you still in love with

someone from your past? Or, is someone from your past still in love with you?

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haha, funes. Good to see you.

Could be right, and being apart is so much easier! Preserves the love.

Anyway, to answer the question...


I have affection for a couple of past beaus, but love them? No, I don't.


Do you love her Michael, or do you love the idea of her at the time you knew her?

Quinn, I don't really know the answer to that question.  I was in love with her when I broke up with her and she was in love with me, or at least she said she was. She bawled like a baby but I had decided that she deserved someone better than me. She was 20 years younger than I. And yes, she is now married with children. I wonder if she thinks of me from time to time.

I only ask because a lot can change in 15 years...What you loved then might be different today, ya know?


Yeah, I tell myself that all the time. Maybe I'm just a romantic and should be a realist but she was a wonderful girl and we were great friends for a long time before I even kissed her.
caseyjo, I don't think anyone is really mad at you. I'm not.




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