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It must have been a hell of a dream I was having because I woke up on the ground. Landed face first on a set of barbells sitting beside the bed and now I have bloody scrapes on the left side of my face and on my chin and I look as if I had been fighting in the street.

So, have any of you every fallen out of bed?

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So you fell out of "bad"........must have landed in somnething "good."

*Sorry, Man........just couldn't pass it up*   LOL...

Now I am trying to remember when I last fell out of bed. It has been a while.
I fell out of bed not too long ago but it had nothing to do with a dream.....
Wow Michael.....I dont know if I ever fell out of bed.....Even in my sleep (I'm a light sleeper), I have a sense of the edge. Now in life I do not have a good sense of the edge & fall over it constantly. Glad you arent hurt to badly...Jeesh

Sorry about your bad fall, Michael.

I did the same only at a much younger age. Fell onto an alarm clock and broke some bones.

Here's to a rapid recovery.

There may be an advantage to this temporary look; complimentary coffee somewhere? Probably not.

Once, when I was a single 20-something, I smelled smoke in the house at night and tried to get up to check on my family.  I must have come awake too fast, because my legs wouldn't work and I fell out of bed.

There had been a small fire in my parents' bedroom, they had put it out by the time I smelled the smoke.

D@mn, Goldi! I thought we were smokin' hot in the bedroom, but we've never actually started a FIRE!

LOL, d's girl!  

My Dad had fallen asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand, caught the corner of their mattress on fire.

Better then being kicked out of bed, me thinks.....;)
Been there....done that too.

I slept in a bunk bed during my teenage years. Learned to not fall out of bed.

I'm courious. Been waiting for someone else to ask, but since no one has; Why are there barbells by your bed?

First good laugh I had in a week...LOL Robbie




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