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I think in the last two days I've killed three discussions/threads. How many have you killed? who is the all time tbd thread killer?

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Heck...I've even killed my own threads!!! Now that's really pathetic.
Could be that right now there are only 12 online here.....:-(
And I need to go walk the dog.
Well, I've never counted my kills, but I used to have a lot of them when I joined TBD1. I don't know who would be the all time leader.....I hope it isn't me! LOL!
I kill too many :(

Thread or tread.....!
We could end up threadbare.
Thread lightly...
Listen up you guys. After ROBBIE'S next reply..... nobody post a response. We've got him on the ropes :)
I was going to say that about you :-D
(Sticking tongue out at Quinn)........Flyers.....Flyers.....Flyers.....lol
Thanks for responding. I was afraid this would be another one I killed...
Now that's funny !....lol




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