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Obviously I need some Rest & Rejuvenation - look what I just spent 3 hours doing-- but isn't it COOL?!

It's a TBD Wordle. Enjoy...




....let's expand this thread into anything that makes us think,


"How cool is this?!"


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Do you mean TBDers, Apposite? If so, no, no- I just went thru Q & A & the Forum & the Haiku member lists & included who I knew were still around. I'm sure it's a VERY limited sampling.

Yes the original one. We've been sifted several times. This is the fourth sift. There are only so many participants in any given forum and it looks like you listed the main ones here!


yeah, I know. we're tiny, but we're mighty. '-)

It takes a while to winnow out the chaff.

I think we may be getting close now.

I might get a tattoo of it.


Seriously, it is very cool.

Thanks, funes, I'm glad you like it. '-)

I love you D's.

It's absolutely  amazing. I know how much time and discernment that represents. :>)

You turned me onto these word clouds some time ago, and for last Christmas I used them to adorn mugs, tote bags, and so forth, as gifts!  People adored them, and I couldn't have done it but for you--the beautiful fount of creative ideas.

(I made all the gifts on www.zazzle.com.  A tip--Wait until a month or so before Christmas, and everything goes on outrageous sale....sometimes 75% off.)





Deez, That is really cool. I didn't know there was a name for it. The 2011 offical Texas state map is one of those. when I find mine I'll try to take a picture and post it.


it is very coo, and obvious that you put not only time, but thought, into this project, 

That is soooo cool, d's!!! Love it!!


I'm so glad you all enjoyed it!

Angharad - I thought YOU turned ME onto Wordle.net! If you didn't I've been giving you credit for it! '-)




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