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So, where are we going?   We know that Robbie lives on the road.  We've learned quite a bit about wiper worries, tire troubles and RV antics.   What about the few and  brave that choose to hit the pavement for just a brief adventure on the paved pathway?

Where would you go?   Where do you stay?  What do you want to see?  Who would you visit?














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My pavement will be tarmac that a jet will be touching down on. I'll be hanging with our dear Robbie in just a few days, as well as TeeBubbaDee & Mrs. Dee, the KREMISES, Rita & her friend Donna, stillgoing & his friend Martine, Robbie's sidekick, Happy, who I can't wait to meet, and my beloved Ducatiman is coming along for the ride, too. A dirty dozen! 11 folks + one Happy canine. '-)

We're gonna eat, drink, visit, eat, drink, visit, eat..... & Ducatiman & I will be greeted upon our arrival by close friends from Michigan who winter in Florida now. We're going to have coffee w/them when we first get in on Friday. Then Friday evening the tbd meetup gang is meeting for dinner at Carrabba's. Carrabba's has no idea what they're in for. We're staying at the beach, so I'm sure I'll get some walking & Ducatiman will get some running in on the beach. And I'm looking forward to bike riding on the Pinellas Trail. That will be the beginning of my training for the Tour de Cure ride again which happens in May. And of course, we'll all be celebrating TeeBubbaDee's birthday all weekend!

I'm really looking forward to this trip!

I'd love to drive down to Guatemala and just hide in the jungle for awhile.  It's warm there and they have monkeys!

Key West is warm and there are a lot of people there who act like monkeys. 

I need to travel through ND,SD, MN, and WI. Those are the only States that I haven't at least set foot on.


A person could use Northern Lower Michigan as a launching pad to visit those 4 states.

Just sayin'........

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Key West is warm and there are a lot of people there who act like monkeys.


HEY! Are you talking about me again? I won't be there this year, but wave to my sister as you pass...

I'd leave PA and head straight for Michigan :-)

Then I'd make my way to the Hudson River Valley in New York. Meander on up through Vermont, with a stop at my cousin's house, then on to Montreal.

Coming home I'd scoot over to Maine, visit my sister, then down to Boston and Cape Cod before heading back home.


The biggest problem with this scenario is that I last about 4 hours in a car before I go nuts...

Q, maybe you'd better just fly over here to Michigan.  The Mitten State doesn't seem to fit in very well with the rest of your itinerary!  LOL!

Are we there yet?  I just hate when I'm traveling alone, and ask MYSELF that question?  LOL! 

I would like to at least set foot in each of the lower 48, concentrating on the deserts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah and the great Plains of Nebraska, Kansas, and the Dakotas. I've been through or visited several states but there is much more to see. I have no interest in Alaska or Hawaii.

I can do the east coast trip another time...

We leave Michigan, head for Route 66, all the way to Williams Arizona [with stops along the way, of course].

Once in Williams we take the train to the Grand Canyon and spend a few days there.

Then you proceed to Utah and Texas and New Mexico.

I fly home.


Whadya think?

Don't want too much of the desert, huh?

Seriously though, if you've never been to the Grand Canyon, put that on your bucket list. I've been once and would like to go back.  It cannot be described in words....you have to see it, feel it, hear it, smell it.




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