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I did once.  It was a bag of shop rags.

Didn't have to report that one to the IRS.

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Let's just ditch this place and go to the new site.


Lets just stay here awhile and see what happens.

Go ahead MR Apposite.......I'll stay here for awhile with the other folks.

I thought we already knew; there was no response as to it's future so a new place was set up. Katherine left and she was the one who held all the marbles.

Sorry, that's not the topic of this thread.

Yes, as a matter of fact I can claim that I have. Technically, my dog actually won it at obedience school but I was handed the plastic hamburger and got to carry it home. 

Probably, although I don't recall any specifics.

A few times.
My moms church held a mother-daughter event every year. At he end of the evening they gave out door prizes. My family had a bizzare knack for winning.


Not a door prize, but when I was five, I won a "Color In The Little Miss Sunbeam" contest, and won a basketball.

The neighborhood brat, who hated every other child on the block, threw it on the roof of the school, forcing me to ignore the school's rules and illegally climb up on the roof to retrieve it - Thereby sending me down the path of contempt for authority and reckless scofflawing that has so ruined my life to this very day.

I never thanked him for that, either. Shameful.

Great responses.

For one horrible moment I thought everyone was going to reply that they'd never actually won a door as a prize.  How about a booby prize?  I'll bet some of you have gone home with that one.

That would have been my ex-wife.

Ba-Dum. Tssh.




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