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I was thinking about when I was a kid and the simple pleasures I had with my 5 brothers and sisters. Now I am wondering about yours. One fun thing was building blanket tents in the living room. Did any of you do that? We lived in a house surrounded by grass land and wood land. We built tree house 30 or 40 feet in the air. How about you? What are you favorite memories of childhood?

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Aww, you were one of the kids at the county fair.  We were downtown girls and all we ever did was draw for the art exhibits.  But we liked the boys who came in from out of town.  Some of them, of course, went to a different school.

My brother also raised pidgeons and especially loved "tumblers". He would throw them into the air and they would tumble back like acrobats. They all had names and they always came back home to their nests. Fun to watch.

what's a tumbler bro?

flipper, a tumbler is a particular pigeon that likes to fly up high and then acrobatically falls back toward the ground, then takes off again. They look like they've been shot the way they play. They are very friendly and always come home again.

I learn something new everyday.we don't get many pigeons around these parts.

good ol' days


I never had a bike until I was 11. My mom hid three bikes in the detached garage, but the lock on the door led me and my two younger siblings to peek through the cracks. The three bikes were covered with blankets, but we all knew what our BIG present for X mas was going to be. (mom was a single mom in the 50's with no child support so bikes for all three of us was a major outlay for her) About 3 days before X mas, the garage caught fire and burned to the ground. There was speculation that my father had been in town and set the fire, but true cause was never determined. I really don't remember what my grandfather did for my siblings, but he bought me what at the time was called an "English Racer". Skinny tires like a ten speed, but It wasn't. More like a single speed stuck in tenth gear. I had to stand on the pedals to get that thing rolling, but once I was up to speed, nobody could catch me. 

Tee Bubba, 3 days before Christmas and you knew the bikes were there, OMG talk about doom and gloom. That is such a sad story for kids. The Grinch really stole Christmas for you that year, I can imagine how bad your mom felt. Poor lady.

It was a major kick in the a** Lifesighs.

Sorry michael for crapping all over you "good ol' days thread. Was just thinking about how much fun I used to have riding my bike, and then remembered how I got it. 

I'm still thinking...




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