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I was thinking about when I was a kid and the simple pleasures I had with my 5 brothers and sisters. Now I am wondering about yours. One fun thing was building blanket tents in the living room. Did any of you do that? We lived in a house surrounded by grass land and wood land. We built tree house 30 or 40 feet in the air. How about you? What are you favorite memories of childhood?

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...estes rockets and scale model competitions...

I was raised on a homestead and beach - The road didn't even extend to our house in the woods by a lake with fish it. We were commercial salmon fishermen so my summers were spent on a beach. When I was not working, I was walking the beach collecting agates and various items of driftwood. The tide pools were full of critters and fun stuff to explore, lots of boulders and places to play.

wow! Lucky you Apposite. I rarely went to a salt water beach and when I did it was a huge treat!

Catching polywogs in a jar, riding my half size bike, getting my brothers wet with the garden hose (full blast), walking the fence (a fence with a wooden 2 x 4 top, we walked on top of it). I think that was how my older brother broke his leg actually. Playing games till the streetlights came on. Red Rover or stick ball in the street.Making our own stilts with a rule you couldn't step on the ground or off the stilts until you were on the porch.

Lifesighs, I forgot about the home made stilts. My brother and I used to race on them. Lots of skinned knees and arms then, but it was one of our favorite 'sports'. We got pretty good at it too.

a game that seems to have gone by the way is tetherball.  we played all the ball games but that one I never see anymore.

4-H contests, shows and square dancing.

My brother was in 4-H. He won a prize for growing the biggest pumpkin. About 5 hundred pounds and weird looking but he won.

your brother weighed 500 pounds?....and was weird looking? that's not nice....

I showed cattle, swine, turkey, chickens, rabbits and vegetables.




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