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This clipping reminds me so much of my own feelings about ego I had to use it to save myself embarrassment if my words came out all backwards like they sometimes do as in the case of something I wrote lately where I should have inserted certain words so the reader could understand I was speculating and not meaning something was true or false, but just thought...It's just better I use this article for clarity of my thoughts towards ego because my wording of things can sometimes lead a person way off my own beaten track.

Forgiveness and the Ego

Forgiveness is an essential element of Oneness, and of unitive justice. But as is so often the case, we have not yet created a concise vocabulary to talk about the distinctions between our common dualistic mindset and the mindset of Oneness. Forgiveness is one of those concepts that is used in a dualistic way to mean something entirely different from the Oneness version.
In clarifying what the word forgiveness means in these two different mindsets, perhaps it will help if we first consider the ego. Duality and the ego are closely connected, and have their own meaning of forgiveness.
For the purpose of this discussion, I define ego as “an inflated sense of one’s own self-worth or superiority to others.” Egocentric describes the state of being governed by one’s ego and the fragmented, dualistic world that results. Preoccupation with one’s own needs and interests blinds one to the interests of others. The disorganizing process of duality is at play when one is egocentric.
The ego’s understanding of forgiveness often means that we will forgive another if he meets certain conditions, but we are prepared to withdraw our forgiveness if he fails along the way. This is more accurately called a conditional dispensation. Dispensation is of the world of duality.
Sometimes forgiveness is used to refer to specific rites and rituals in which one of higher status, such as a priest, is authorized to give a dispensation to one of lower status, the penitent. This might better be called a ceremonial dispensation.
The forgiveness that comports with Oneness, the forgiveness that heals, happens when the one who has been harmed sees that there is nothing to forgive, to hold in account, or to trade for some reward of self-righteousness. All is just as it must be to facilitate transformation for victim and wrongdoer alike. It is an opportunity to restore love and to experience who we truly are—secondary agents of creation, manifesting lovingkindness in the physical realm, while asking nothing in return.
Forgiveness reflects the exercise of free will in shaping the outcome in favor of restoration and reconciliation, foregoing judgment and punishment, which only deepen the disharmony. Forgiveness has the power it does because it is not bound by linear cause and effect the way dispensation seems to be. We know forgiveness by its fruit: it touches the hearts and minds of those directly involved, but also extends beyond them, creating miracles along the way with no strings attached.
The journey from the mindset of duality to the mindset of Oneness has many facets. Evolving from dispensation as the closest we can come to forgiveness, to seeing God’s hand in everything, even our pain, is part of the journey. Perhaps that pain is also a misunderstanding of a deeper process that is unfolding....END OF ARTICLE
I easily forgive & have forgiven everyone I have ever known for every injustice against me, but then again, I do not believe these things were injustices in the first place, but only differences in the way we think brought on by a combination of life events & how we perceive. 
What are your thoughts? 

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I should have said this article closely resembles my own thinking except for the fact that I am more prone to believing in evolution than I am in creation.

Could care less of what people think or say about me, as long as their talking about me, I'm never forgotten........:) 

 That's what I like Recognition, even if at times my perceptions get me picked off base. Everyone I know has an eraser on their pencil, except Carpenters. Weird breed, but we are always thinking.  


You are strong like that Craig....I wish I was more like you in that regard.
Definitely a complex subject, I've been mulling it over for a while now and am having a hard time sorting out my feelings. I think of the quote 'Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called Ego'. To me, meaning that as we laboriously gain more power, or wealth, or social status we tend to think we are superior somehow to the masses. And less inclined to offer forgiveness for our transgressions and mistakes. I recall stories my relatives told me about vendettas concerning honor in the old country - it is a piss poor way to solve your problems. But I suppose our society today is a lot like that - always looking for someone or something to blame rather than an honest introspection to analyze your own shortcomings. I suppose I can't really give a more definitive explanation...maybe I'll have an insight someday.

caseyjo,I like what you said about injustice housed often in perception and filter.

Precisely funes, about humility I agree.

Insight???....You say you don't have insight???..You have more insight in your little finger than most people have in their whole bodies Funes..You are delightful & I really like your spunk.....I actually miss the little Devil Funes..Where is he?

LOL....Just when I think I'm out being a bad boy, someone pulls me back in.


What is the difference between MyAtlantis and the Boys Scouts?

The Boy Scouts had adult supervision!


Who is more humble, the person who casts the first stone, or the last?

I love all your understandings of the subject ego...It is a rhelm unto itself in each & everyone of us which we can either build up or let go of...In my case I like to let go of it if possible, but being brought up in a family where property & prestige were rated quite hi (even higher than children) ego was a very important thing. I learned later it is all really a fantasy of my own making. .....Seems I suffer much worse when I build ego up & try to make people pay for the things I dislike about them than when I let it go & realize I am really no better..My mind says I am, but the big picture says I am not...Try as I may to get everyone on my side it never turns out that way..LMAO...That tells me a little bit about my stinking thinking in a nut shell.

Craig..I am afraid I have no answer for that one..Is there a answer? I would rather people cast stones & give the other person a chance to strike back than run away after they cast their stone.....:) For some reason I have a hard time w/ kids who pick up their toys & go home....I would rather talk it out...I'm easy.




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