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Will you be setting off fireworks this year?  The nieces and nephews come to our house for the Fourth of July since we can shoot fireworks where we live. 

Do you have any stories or memories of shooting off fireworks?   Big celebrations?  Family gatherings?

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Hey....don't be dissin' the Rodeo.....

....and I've thrown candy, and other things, at kids in the street since I could drive.....great sport...;-D
Yeah, I have a fireworks story. I was 16, and just loved fireworks. Where we lived, there were roadside stands on every empty corner for a month before the 4th. That year, I actually sold my beat to he## motorcycle for $50 bucks so I would have more money to blow on fireworks. Me and friends set off stuff every day and night for weeks, but saved the majority of it for the big night. Pop bottle rockets were one of my favorites, so had tons of those to light. Well, I got tired of running back to the front porch to get another dozen pop bottle rockets. So, I had the bright idea of jamming 3 dozen of them in the front pocket of my brand new Levi's. Soooo, I had a dozen in my hand, and 3 dozen in my pocket, (with the heads in the pocket, and the stick ends, sticking out. (there was also a book of paper matches in there) Not real sure how, but the next thing I knew was the ones in my pocket started going off. I kept trying to pull them out, but everytime I grabbed the sticks, I burned my hand. Anyway, I ended up running in circles in the front yard until they all went off, then "dropped and rolled" in the grass to put out my smoldering Levi's. 43 years later, I still have a scar on my upper thigh. I'm just so happy Mr. Levi designed those jeans with the pockets on the sides instead of the front!!

PS. I still love fireworks, and still set them off. I am just VERY careful when I do.
So you wouldn't do this?

Warnings: Language and an exposed male's bottom.

Uhhh... NO!!!!!
Coffee almost shot out of my nose!!!
I wish they had a video of the discussion before the video, how they thought this was a good idea is wild.
Kinda like the guy who watched an egg fall out of a chicken's ass and said, "Hey, let's eat that!!!!!!!
Good story by the way.
I'm starting to let the kids shoot all the night fireworks but I still have to do some of them.

My maternal grandma's birthday was July 4 so we always had a big family gathering.

That was the day that all those car and airplane models you built earlier in the year got blown up.
Biggest memory for me is one year when my Mom said we couldn't afford any fireworks.
I did odd jobs to earn the money and quietly purchased some and put on a small show for her.
The grand finish was a three part one that went off together.
Two pickle lo Pete's on the sides and a silvery fountain in the center.
That sounds perfect. Mom's tend to like the ones that have pretty colors and no bang.
The neighbors a few houses up from my parents pretty much re-enacted the Battle of Midway every year. Shot Roman Candles, bottle rockets and everything else directly at each others houses, across the street from each other. Sat in their front yards with their kids the whole time, laughing and sucking down brews while screaming exploding shit was flying through the air all around them.

Finally caught one of the other's roof on fire one year. Big lawsuit ensued, and that ended that.

I'm happy just to go out to the lake or downtown to the Capitol Building lawn and watch the community celebration. Perfectly acceptable fireworks displays at both.

As for any juvenile hijinks that I may have practiced with my own private stash of fireworks during my misspent youth....Uh, I take the Fifth.
We most always have fireworks, but have decided to attend a communty function this year.




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