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   Some of you have been in this situation where you offer to provide someones "life long dream" but instead of jumping at the chance, they run away.  It happens to me frequently. 

   Some of you may be the people who run away for fear of responsibility, etc. 

   I would like to write a short essay on the subject and I thought perhaps you all might have opinions on the subject. I so, I would be delighted to hear them.

   Thank you for reading my post.


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...some may have a realistically deep seated fear of having to "pay back"...or the old "you owe me now" held over their head...

That's a thought that hadn't occurred to me. Do you have any other thoughts?

I have ran away more times than I can count. The most recent one was when TBD went through it's first transformation. Kat ( a moderator, and a big honcho) asked me to step up and become a moderator for the new version of TBD that was coming. Due to a serious problem with my computer and the new site, I declined. The computer issues (which I fixed in a couple of weeks) were my "shield" for not stepping up into a moderator position. Through communications, Kat pretty much let me know that I had let her down. I feel the same way. I feel like I let Kat, and to some extent TBD down. Would I have accepted the Mod position without the computer issues. Guess I'll never know, but I regret not stepping up when I had the chance. 


  New things, new responsibilities,  take you out of your comfortable existing situation. Don't you think? Even if a person is well suited to a position, they will often reject it to keep what they already have. I know of one man who is living on the streets and sleeping in parks or under the bridge and he has rejected a free apartment over and over for the past 5 years. I don't know, but i believe it is because he does not want to lose his homeless friends and because he fears what the other tenants will think of him. And possibly because he is well known and well liked in that community. He knows all the when, where, what, and hows, involved in obtaining free meals, showers, medical service, clothing, and a bed at the shelters when the unbearably cold weather kicks in. When I see him and mention free housing, he suddenly looks away and says "well I better get going. Give me a buck would'ya?". And off he goes. TeeBubbaDee, why do YOU think he responds like this?

Fear of change is my guess Michael. I think fear of change has been a problem for me most of my life. We moved around so much when I was a kid, that it was ridiculous. And I hated moving all the time. I moved 13 times by the time I was 11. Went to 5 different schools by 6th grade. I think it made it hard for me to make friends. Why bother making friends when you know the friendship is doomed to be short lived?

...air force brat here...transferred every three years...I couldn't agree more...

Kinda sucks!!

I think people have a fear because they might feel unworthy, it takes a nice sense of self confidence to want to be a success. If you've been told throughout childhood that you don't measure up it takes a toll.

How very true!!




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