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Whats the worst thing you have ever eaten?

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I have eaten some really, how shall I say it?, unappitizing stuff in other countries. The worst was a soup in Viet Nam that had little ball of, I swear, rotten fish in it. Stuffed grape leaves (have no idea what the stuffing was) in Turkey. Here in the states, some kind of cold congeled soup in New Mexico, raw oysters in Biloxi, MS. Grits in the Southern US.
That's funny, Steve! Do they serve durian fruit for dessert with that? I haven't eaten it, but I saw/smelled it in a shop - yikes! Yet they say it's delicious.

I ate some blood sausage last year at a friend's house. It was exceptionally greasy and had onions in it. Excuse me, just thinking about it... BRB
With apoligies to my friends south of the Mason Dixon line---
A lightening bug. Years ago during my heavy beer-drinking days I visited an old army buddy. We were sitting around his pool. His 4 year old son caught a firefly and was showing me, I held my hand to his and it crawled onto my hand and I popped it in my mouth (I know I know, it's ignorant). My intentions were to spit it out but the firefly had other intentions and started crawling down my throat. My buddy and son looked in my mouth and could see my throat light up. I washed it down with beer.
What is Uni?
Ever get a piece of eggshell in your breakfast? One crunch and I'm done, something about the shells make me want to gag. Always been that way, my mother used to tell me to pick them out, but I just can't bring myself to finish the eggs knowing there may be more. I ate a cricket one time goofing around, similar situation as Larry had, wasn't bad. LOL
I've eaten roasted crickets and then most recently raw horse meat sushi in Japan. I'm not proud of it, but I did it.
I'll eat just about anything. So far there aren't too many things that I wouldn't eat again. Live freshwater shrimp in Hawaii weren't bad, but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to eat them again. I love raw oysters, as long as they're fresh. Grits are delicious. Menudo is yummy. I had an ostrich liver pate last week and it was wonderful.

I guess I'm not big on boxed macaroni and cheese, or most packaged foods for that matter. Or the frosting on grocery store cakes. Oh, and tomatoes that are not in season. Not that they're disguisting, they just have no flavor.
Menudo. I was hammered at the time.
Lynda - so funny!
I lived throughout the Orient as a child. Fried Habu snake, chocolate covered ants, all sorts of odd things including Durians. In Africa, oh dear. And India. But the one thing that I will never eat again is tripe. I become queasy just thinking about it. And hard boiled eggs make me shiver with horror.
DZGD, Agree with you on the tripe. But I love hard boiled eggs. Can't stand any kind of runny eggs. Used to watch my grandfather peck a hole in the end of an egg shell and then suck the raw egg out. Yuck! I used to watch the Turks mix the congealed grease off the top of cold lamb stew into beans and eat them. Yuck.
I used to like cracklins right out of the oven though.




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