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took a left turn? We are all, you and I, in the same boat. I never left TBD Q&A, but did spend more time elsewhere. Checked this site a few times and posted if something caught my attention. Never expected the cold shoulder I recieved, when I started posting again. You want a closed discussion site, so be it. After 2 days with 2 replies to my post, I know where the door is. Let me give props to the 2 gentlemen, who are savvy enough to know real problems, and courteous enough, to offer opinions. P.A. AND UBU...you guys are allright in my books! Got " Three Words " that come to mind for phoney's, but I'm also courteous enough, not to use them. Hopefully all is well with the clique. Wasn't part of it there, and damn sure won't be part of it here. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Crag, There just aren't enough of us to keep everything going. I post plenty of things that get little attention.  Kooner has a couple of groups that I find interesting but they go weeks with no one commenting on the discussions. I always thought you were  a valuable participant to tbd. However I often read things that I don't comment on.

CWO3ROBBE....notice something missing? ;)

Craig, You know you have always been one of my favorite posters. I had to work tonight and I did not see your post. Hang in there. We shall survive. We bad Man---it OK


Blondie, pretty much out of my nasty attitude, when I'm at that state of mind, it's no holes barred, which  brings forth a plethera of vocabulary, that may be best, left unsaid. I've never been shy to speak my mind or let my feelings be known. It's a unique gift I inherited through genes...thanks Dad, and knowing him, wouldn't trade it, for all the tea in China! :)
sure, an I. So  what's the point.
My name is missing one too. :)
Woah......I was out shopping, visiting, watering my lawn, making jewelry..I had a video to post from my blast it I was going to put up on your thread but sense I dont know much about unions & realizing something not so good was happening at yours I didn't know if it was appropriate to post it, so I passed your thread by temporarily. I Read  it for the first time tonight & for some reason I never saw it yesterday...Nothing personal Craig..I was wondering why I have not seen you around Blast it except early on..I figured you were angry at me, but personally I am happy to see you......K
No problem, caseyjo. We're cool. 
I'm not understanding this but I never meant any disrespect by what I said.
Nothing you said or did Apposite, it is just a personal setback to my livelihood, that unfortunately put me in rare form. I should be getting use to it by now, seems whatever news come down from the brilliant minds controlling, what use to be the rank and file members "Union", has deteriorated into what I can best describe as..... a puppet show.
So Craig , you’re kind of saying that you were rude and insulted a bunch of us because you’re upset? And when you’re upset you lash out? Even if it’s undeserved?

If that’s the case, then it’s my turn…my brother had a heart attack on Thursday and I’m pretty upset about that so I’m gonna lash out now and, please, don’t take offense Craig because it’s just me being upset…

You are an ass.

How dare you?

How dare you come in here and insult a group of people who have done nothing to you. A group of people who are nothing if not kind and caring and compassionate.

You want to label us as a clique? I guess we are, but not in the bad way that you imply…

Clique is defined as
“A clique (pronounced /ˈkliːk/, also /ˈklɪk/ (U.S.)) is an inclusive group of people who share common interests, views, purposes, patterns of behavior, or ethnicity.[1] A clique as a reference group can be either normative or comparative.”

We chose to stay at TBD, that does not make us bad people so stop trying to portray us as such.

You owe everyone an apology.
Well said......




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