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took a left turn? We are all, you and I, in the same boat. I never left TBD Q&A, but did spend more time elsewhere. Checked this site a few times and posted if something caught my attention. Never expected the cold shoulder I recieved, when I started posting again. You want a closed discussion site, so be it. After 2 days with 2 replies to my post, I know where the door is. Let me give props to the 2 gentlemen, who are savvy enough to know real problems, and courteous enough, to offer opinions. P.A. AND UBU...you guys are allright in my books! Got " Three Words " that come to mind for phoney's, but I'm also courteous enough, not to use them. Hopefully all is well with the clique. Wasn't part of it there, and damn sure won't be part of it here. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Maybe not everyone had an opinion to add to your discussion. Get over it, man, try another topic next time, or add a comment to someone else's discussion. Don't be so quick to judge.
But they can find three words every day, gimme a break with that! Don't piss on my foot and tell me it's raining!
I was wondering the same thing?
Hang on, let me check..........nope, I don't.
That would be slightly uncomfortable, I would assume. Had a tree branch in my back from a dirt bike accident and it hurt like hell!

See where this goes, but as you can see by my picture, we are the top of the food chain. I do have a name, which is my real name. Not hiding from anyone, not to say you are, but thanks for the offer Penguin!


Hey man, cool down...you were always a valuable part of the TBA Q & A, and as far as I'm concerned you still are.  You gotta remember, there's not a whole lot of us left to even see the posts.  Everybody doesn't comment on every post...I know lots of things pass through the system that I flatout miss, and there's lots of them that I'm not interested in, or don't feel qualified to answer.  That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate that soemone took the time to put 'em on here. 
Gary, I'm cool as the Upper's driven snow my brother, this to shall pass. When something you have no control over happens, I tend to vent...loudly, especially when I get no answers. Enough to piss off the Pope!
~fist bump~

I get ignored lots...thank goodness.  

Some folks get attention that should be sent elsewhere.   Go figure.

There is no clique here...just some folks that think that TBD is a nice place to hang out.

I got's three words for you....

This too shallpass...

Don't sweat thesmallstuff.


Thanks Jaylee53....unfortunately this wasn't something small for me and I reached out for something to ease my mind. Kinda rocked my world, so to speak, when that happens, I can be ...to  put it mildly, less then cordial!  I have posted on three words, but I agree, stress eventually will pass.
Uh...Craig? I never go into the "Three Words" thread anyway. It wasn't meant as an insult against your brilliance - OK?




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