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Just a curiousity, no diognosis here. Do you frequently dream about the same people or circumstances? For example, I often dream of two girls that I haven't seen or spoken to in more than 15 years. No, they are not sex dreams but just very pleasant. How about you?

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woooaah, flashback!!!
Actually....That just gave me the idea of playing the Firesign Theater's "High School Madness" this Sunday...last day of school coming up and all, y'know...
Aw, gee, Dad. It's not every day a guy graduates from high school!
How many times have I heard that before?!
I have had recurring dreams about my home town, which as most of you know is Twin Peaks. Things are different from the real place, but remain the same from dream to dream. For instance, as you approach the Mar-T Café at the east end of town it usually gets dark and begins to snow. Since we lived a few miles out the highway from there, I was often trudging home through the snow in my dream, though I never really walked it often IRL - we were on the school bus route. And at the same time, at the supermarket in the middle of town, there are usually strawberries for sale on tables outside the door and the sun is shining. Go figure.
I used to dream that I was riding over the earth alongside four other horsemen. They were on white, red, black, and pale horses.... I was on the fifth horse, she was an old painted sway back mare named Sally, she was slow and lagging behind the others and kept trying to turn around and take me back to the barn ............ My ex-wife's nick name was Sally, so go figure ..........




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