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Does anyone want to help me celebrate an unretirement?

Does anyone want to help me celebrate an unretirement?

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Sure. I'm kind of an expert at this, having unretired myself a few times and looking forward to unretiring again next year.

Rumer in my office was that I was retiring.


Are you the one that started the rumor?

No, I found out when two of my bosses asked if I was leaving.


Turns out 2 other Aggies retired yesterday and one was also named Randy.

I'll help you celebrate Aggie!

Thank you, TeeBubba!


George and I will be glad to help you celebrate!


Is it anything like unemployment?

I would make $450 more a month if I was unemployed.


yeah, you might make a little more but I bet you would be bored to death after 

a couple weeks. I retired at 45 and promptly because a serious drunk out of the boredom it caused. Thank god I am unretired now. For me, a busy day is a happy day.




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