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If you had three peanut butter cookies and a brownie, who would you share them with?

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Whatever my Sweetie didn't want I would keep.

*and she's not a big fan of sweets*

Are they gluten-corn free cookies? Since I rarely get cookies if they are I am hoarding them all to myself. 
If not..I will just leave them sit on the plate for anyone who wants them. 

If I'm lucky, my grandson might let me have a nibble off one of the cookies after he stole them off my plate. I doubt if I would get even a smidgen of the brownie.

I did share.

Lately, I'm sorry I did that ...

Quinn, I would give you half of my brownie, and I would keep the other half.

I would give George my 3 peanut butter cookies. 


Goldi, you're a sweet lady.

Thank you, Bob!

I'd divide everything in half...share with more, the merrier!

Next time I'll know to make a double recipe.

Thanks everyone for chiming in on this.


Sounds good, Jaylee!

I share new recipes w/coworkers.  I'm not totally sure they appreciate it.  But for some reason they think I'll always bring something nutricious.  Little do they know.....:-)




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