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If you had three peanut butter cookies and a brownie, who would you share them with?

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I'd give one cookie to my best friend, one to each of my nephews and I'd give the brownie away to someone on this site as a door prize.

My SO wouldn't get anything, because none of them go with beer.

Neither does caramel pecan ice cream, but separately they are exquisite! My wife does not like sweets so I get to put the weight on all for myself.

I would probably give one to each of the first two who post here in the morning. One to Pru and the brownie to darrol.

CWO..., sounds like you've got your priorities in order.

Apposite, So your wife gets to eat the beer nuts and pretzels with her coffee?

She doesn't drink coffee (loves it but gives her migrains) however if it has salt in it that's another story:)

I never went to kindergarten so I guess I don't know how to share. :(

It's easy to learn...we'll show you how.  You might find you do it without even realizing it.

Rita, Are you in Florida yet?

Well, now, that's not an easy question to answer.  If those cookies are a little overcooked, or a little stale, and that brownie doesn't have a nice rich topping of chocolate frosting, then yep, I'll be the most sharing guy in the world.  Who would they go to?  Probably the first three people that crossed my path.

But......if those cookies are slightly chewy, and that brownie is heavily laden with frosting, then.....NO!  There's no sharing in Stirville.  Sorry......those treats won't be around long enough to even think about sharing.

That's how I roll, when it comes to cookies and brownies.

That makes so much sense.

I'd never part with the brownie...the peanut butter cookies? Not a fan. My sister is though, she can have them and share with her two children.




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