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how many sheets there are on the roll, or

is the issue

the softness of the tissue???

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I'm sure marigolds get fewer telemarketer phone calls.


I'm not a huge fan of Walmart, but their Great Value brand of TP is usually the best buy. (they have "Extra Strong, and Extra Soft for the same price) I don't have the receipt in front of me, but a I think the last time I bought it was something like $6.79 for a 12 pack.

Yes I care!  I want 2-ply rolls that have plenty of sheets, but will still fit into the toilet paper holder.  Is that so difficult?

Have you ever counted the sheets?

You have to do something while you're sitting there.

Ahemmmm..............you should already be doing "something"...lol

It has been ruff since Sears Robuck quit printing catalogs.

Sorry, Aggie, I think it was ruff when they WERE printing catalogs.

I've been seeing these Cottonelle commercials that say they have a a pattern that lends itself to better cleansing.  I know that food companies have test kitchens, do TP companies have test bathrooms?  Does one scientist say, "Bend over Bob, let's see how this one works"?

I think they use bears for that.

It's bears......I've seen the commercials.




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