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This question is not asking for your real age!
Just a yes or no will do!

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No, but my face does!
My daughter says I never look my age when I color my hair....WTH???!!! I can't seem to want to lie about my age....I feel like a young girl...I look...well...okay for a broad this side of 60....!
Nope. I don't see why you should lie about your age. In my head I'm only 30 until I try to use my body like I did back then. Woopsie.
I hear you, stillgoing!
No. But I have a funny story about this. I walked up as a colleague of mine was getting coffee one day and the coffee girls were speculating that he was in his 50s (he is about 41). He was a bit aghast. I asked them how old they thought I was and they suggested early 40s (I'm 54). I told him he really has to drink more and start smoking if he wants to keep up with us young'uns. lol.
My age is just another number on my driver's license.
Is adjusting the truth for inflation the same as lying?




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