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My taste buds are not real sensitive.

I have friends down in the New Orleans area that could drink a bottle of Tabasco without flinching, something I would never try, but I'm told that I like things moderately spicy.  I'm no piker, but I'm no Texan either.

According to my taste buds there are three kinds of coffee: strong, weak and bitter.  I don't know (or care) which mountain the beans were grown on or whether it was made in a machine in a fancy restaurant or in a tuna can over a campfire.  Coffee is coffee.

There are two kinds of wine: Pasta wine and sitting around wasting the afternoon wine.

There is one kind of beer: Pizza beer, this encompasses all the shades and brands.

There are two kinds of cigarettes: menthol and normal.

I can't tell if a meal is the product of hours of labor or if someone peeled the plastic back to vent.

Does this mean I'm easy to please?

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Clever words, entertaining to say the least!

I have drunk beer out of blue longneck bottles.

Hmmm ... what beer would that be?

Bud Light Platium (6% acl so considered ale in Texas)


I've finally decided to admit that I don't like sweet potato chips or fries.  I've given them enough chances.

I love sweet tator fries!

Yes, they're pretty good.

I don't care for the veggie chips, though, they're too hard and my teeth chip too easily.

My taste in food is pretty accepting.  I've been in and out of Weight Watchers for 2/3 of my life and I'm aware of healthy choices.  My family is pretty cosmopolitan about food and there is quite a world of food available in my community.  I know about herbs and spices and I'm not afraid to use them. I know about beer and wine and coffee and have been there and done that.

That being said,

  • I do not find pain to be a favorite flavor. I enjoy a little heat, but I can't get beyond 3 stars when given the choice.
  • Sour foods make my neck hurt.  Like I have permanent mumps.  I don't like sour pickles.  I cringe just thinking about a big old dill pickle.
  • I do not like eating live animals.  If it is still pulsating with life although cut in thin and artful slices, I will take a pass.  If its little legs are still waving in the air, I will eat vegetables instead. Steak must be medium/rare.
  • I used to hate Jello as a child, but now I can take it as dessert sometimes.  It is still not my food of choice.
  • Although I am surrounded by gourmet coffee emporiums, I prefer perked Maxwell House.  Or Folger's Crystals.  Or Nescafe.  Mostly I am just cheap about coffee.  I can taste the difference, but I don't care that much.
  • I am not an alcohol person.  I think it must be genetic.  One side of my family has a very high tolerance for alcohol and the other side is allergic.  I drink in public when the occasion is festive, but usually not more than one drink otherwise I am sorry.  Physically sorry.  But I took a wine course back in 1966 and had a certificate from the California State Wine Commission that used to hang over my kitchen stove.  I know about it.  I just can't drink it much.  I participated in a beer focus group that same year when bottled draft beer was just being marketed.  I preferred Lucky Draft.

When I was a child, my favorite dinner was meatloaf, baked potatoes and broccoli.  I still like all of these but  eat only the broccoli regularly by choice.  Meatloaf is a guilty pleasure and baked potato with everything is just a dream now.

With all the flavors of ice cream available, my favorite is Swan's vanilla.

With all the chocolate available, my favorite is See's brown sugar in milk chocolate.  I gave up Snickers several years ago because it was my favorite and I can't believe that I have never cheated once.  If I could only be that successful with other life choices.  

I can taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke and prefer Pepsi.  To me Coke tastes only like sweet water. I only drink diet Pepsi.  Mostly I drink tangerine flavored Talking Rain.  Sometimes with a little grape juice.  It tastes almost like wine without the unpleasant side effects for me.

I love hot toast and pie cherry jam.  I could eat it for dessert.  I do eat it for dessert.

I quit smoking 30 years ago.  I can't remember what that tasted like, but I switched to tea to get over the hump because I had a strong association between coffee and cigarettes at the time.

Lately I have been having fun building soups.  There are fewer utensils and pots to clean and lots of flavors to try.  I have written down some of the recipes as I am creating, but mostly every pot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I'm finding it harder to eat out when I know I can cook the same thing at home and it will taste better and cost less, too.  When dining on a cruise, I prefer the company and the service to much of the food.  It makes it easy to make those healthy choices.

It feels like I have substituted writing about food for actually eating it today.  And that's a GOOD THING!

I'd rather eat it.

Me too. And I really really like drinking beer more than writing about it. Especially Foster's Premium Ale in the green oil can. 

I just read about the testing of this year's hottest pepper.

Definitely not for me.





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