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I guess I have!

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Wouldn't that depend on why a second chance was needed???
No, I don't think so, I've become a better judge of character as I got older. I'm not apt to give any chances if my intuition tells me not to. If someone really deserves a second chance, though, I'll give it.
I'm with everybody else here. Depends on the person, and why they would need a second chance. When I was younger, there were people in my life I gave 50 chances to, but I regret every one of those decisions. Guess the older I get, the less BS I want to put up with.
I don't think so. I don't tolerate stupidity or nasty people too well.
There are some things that automaticly rule out second chances....
Yeah, why not! No one is perfect! Sure would like some once in awhile! If they were deliberate and did mean and hurtful things, hmmm? I like to know the circumstances.




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