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can a feline speak on both sides of the mouth? MEOW! Hide my claws and quick on the draw!
what are you talking about, pussy cat?
Honesty is the best policy except when lieing serves me better.
I loved that movie.
Thanks for the good laugh, Bull.

Yes, I try to be truthful; there's integrity in it.
And you can tell the truth softly, i.e., without being brutal!

I remember a sign I read once:
"Tell the truth in the beginning;
then you don't have to remember what you said."
Yes, unless the truth would needlessly hurt someone.
When ending a relationship, always say "its not you, its me". That has a real ring of sincerity to it!
Direct politeness and tactfulness are probably more useful and uplifting than our own impression of "honesty."

"You have bad breath!" or "The most unpleasant smell is coming from your ears!" (reach over to look)

"You are dumber than I ever imagined!" or "Let's practice our alphabet today!" (grab the coloring book too)

"Looks like a hurricane!" or "Let's see how fast we can run!" (bring your wallet)
Sometimes silence works just as good :)......but yes, honesty is an admirable trait.

There will always be less competition using this policy.




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