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In the old days, girls would spend a couple hours just getting ready. The guy would come to the house for her, say hello to the parents, and off they would go to a pre-determined location. A movie or a dance or something. Anyway, as a student at the local junior college I heard the girls and it seemed more often than not they would just go out with each other and "hook up" with whoever they met along the way. No big effort to get ready, etc. 

So I was just wondering, in your neck of the woods, do girls go out on 'dates'? Or do they just 'hookup' with whoever strikes their fancy in local clubs?

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you ever watch "Jersey Shore?"

nope. I've never seen it or even heard about it. 

lucky you,it's pretty painful bro.

Sorry michael, I cant help with this one. No "girls" in my small circle of people. 

It seems there is a lot of the group thing from what I can tell by my husbands grand kids, they all go to the beach or a party and hang with someone they like. I don't see much in the way of hook ups but there are a few who are couples.




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