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Our very own Eddie Dingo finally changed the TBD badge!!!!

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How did he change it?

OK, I screwed up the tags. Well I really didn't, but somehow they got scrambled. It was supposed to be TBD, Eddie Dingo, and Change Is Good!!

Was have a badge?  Other than the one Toolie wears?

Geez, that was supposed to be "We".....not "Was".  I really have to proof more.

Yes, I noticed the change in the wording.  :-)

It says I can get that badge.  What do I do with it once I've got it?

I saw that and thought it was a good, positive statement. Yea Eddie! Slim, I'm not sure, but I think that once you have the badge it shows up with your name when you go to other sites.

What's a TBD badge?  No body ever gve me a badge. If I get one can I arrest ne'er do-wells and scallywags for being annoying? Exactly what are the perks?

Not much....:->

For those that don't know, although I think most of you do, the TBD badge is the small box at the upper right side of this page. Hint, it says badge on it. It also says, I'm a Member of TBD, Still reathing, still living, and still sharing. I just think that's much nicer than saying there is no technical support. And if you get your badge Bob, I don't think that you are actually deputized, but maybe in your case we should make an exception. And Slim, if you get yours, it shows up when you go to Facebook or Myspace to let other people know we exist. And Apposite, she, not he did it, and she did it because she can.

Also has anybody seen the new heading "Slipped Away"?

Thanks for the info, Tee. I'll try to keep up from here on out.

I understand it's hard for you Bob. Your brain is so full of your sweetie it leaves little room for anything else.  :-) 




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