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I bought a sofa...divan...couch...love seat....

I haven't had one in 4yrs.  I'm used to it being just me in the LR...and whatever kitty comes to lap.

So, with the idea of company...I bought a 'loveseat'...just enough for two.

Now the quandry is how to fit it "just right" into my design.

I have rearranged the LR 4 times today.

They all look great...but...will they live great?

Ted and Lola think it's just one big smell fest just for them.

Give me some thoughts...not that I'll take them into consideration just so you know.

Set up #1



BTW, do you change around the world you live in?  Is it okay if the bed is moved or your chair changes direction?

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Hey other JLee!!   This is the limited space I have.   The green drapes are a cover to french doors to my sunroom and the doors to the left lead to the entry room.   The TV will never move, hence all must work around that.

This is the view from the BR hall....so far so good.   Ted is very happy with the sofa I bought for him..:-)

Heya other Jaylee! He has given you permission to use it though I hope. Two sets of french doors! And an alcove. Is this an older building updated? French doors are pretty rare in newer places.Oh goodness, just noticed the heat register and molding, I would take that as a yes.

Built in 1905.  Has great character thanks to my landlord who refurbished it.  On the outside it looks like a castle.   Good solid place...iffy neighborhood.

I tried to lay down on the couch...bad idea, scrunched my neck and Ted was also bothered by the fact that there was no room for him.

So like many things in life...it's just lipstick and rouge..looks good.

That's too bad about the loveseat. That wall could accommodate a nice cozy TV watching, afternoon snoozing couch without killing the airy feeling. I have an rattan/wicker set myself. Currently I only have the couch in my living room and it is just like you say, lipstick and rouge. It has white cushions so I would have to kill anybody that got lipstick or rouge on it, but it is not of much seating use.

Can you put the TV somewhere else?

I like Jlee's ideas...



o, wait, there's a door next to the television, isn't there? hummm...that changes everything.

French doors at that. I love french doors. How did it end up anyway Jaylee?
Now that you've seen my digs....show me yours!

I am borrowing my Mom's laptop right now cause I have to replace the fan in mine. I'm not BSing,promise. Mine runs for about 15 minutes and then shuts down. And, funny enough, I left my camera over at Hannah's on Friday at her birthday party. I will though. I'll have my camera back tomorrow. You do realize I will now have to tidy up, hope your happy. ;)

Let's take a look at Quinn's in the meantime. Whatcha got Sister Lady?

As soon as I find my camera...

Actually, I should look for the pics I posted last Christmas...nothing much has changed.



I love those snowflakes hanging from the ceiling!

*tapping finger....noting calendar....*

I'll be waiting....:-)

Are you two done now?





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